Monday, January 21, 2008


we are able to identify ourselves as the witness to our thoughts rather than becoming our thoughts and feelings.

The word samskara can be translated just the way it sounds in English: as "some scars." Samskaras are energy patterns in our consciousness.

Samskaras are powerful, which is why knowing better does not always change our behavior. There's a weight to those accumulated impressions. They are, on a daily basis, the reason we think and feel the way we do.

The brain is so fluid and malleable, so prone to take and hold impressions, that when we keep leading it into new pathways, the accumulation of new insights, practices, and experiences will eventually overwhelm the old ones and, given the right circumstances, even eliminate them entirely.

12 Jul 07



微豆 said...

"... What yoga can definitely help us change ... is the texture of our own mind, the stickiness of certain emotions and views, and above all, the quality of our inner state..."

Thanks for sharing the original yoga article which I read. I can definitely relate to the above!!

The question is whether we should integrate and evolve, or eliminate the "old ones" all together (as suggested at the end of your posted article).

San Wen Ji said...