Monday, May 31, 2004

English Mistake

Below is the comment from my friend. I asked him to gave me advise for my better english writing.

Unclear: I not aim to follow them but to think how good or how bad their actions are.

A clearer one: My intention isn't to copy from them but to think how good or how bad their actions are.

Not correct: Are you feeling dull in your life?

Correct: Do you feel dull with your life?

Follow Through

From dictionary, the definition of follow through is "to complete the movement of hitting, kicking or throwing a ball by continuing to move your arm or leg in the same direction".

I learn this term from tennis. Remember that I have written one passage by taking tennis game as our lives. It is more than true.

One of my colleagues said tennis was a dull game. I won't comment whether it is a funny game but I sure he didn't know how to play tennis.

My other friends may think that I am crazy as I am still learning forehand in these 5 years.

I just know that once I don't have a thorough basic technique, I will never can be a good player. I don't mind to spend a little bit more time to ensure my basic is strong enough.

If you are able to persist in playing a good follow through, you may gain so much in the process.

Believe me! Have a try!

Sunday, May 30, 2004







The Value of Reading

Last night my friend told me that his colleague commented that he spent too much time in reading. This was the second time I heard people commented on too much reading. Reading here is referred to those knowledgeable one.

I wonder the rationale behind this unreasonable comment.

There is unknown knowledge in each book. Spend time in reading sure we need to sacrifice other activities. Is there any negative impact on reading?

If I don't like reading, I won't give my opinion as not to read too much. I respect the others' favorites, unless it is a bad habit.

Where to learn?

We can learn everywhere and from everybody.

From a woman magazine calling Jessica, I learnt the "cake theory". It is from a lady living in China. She said most of the people had lost the creativity. She said that we only could follow the cooking book to make a cake. We never tried to do it by our own creativity.

It seems correct. We have lost our brave to try new things. We are only willing to follow others. Wait and see is the saying that we use most.

I tend to notice the behavior of all the people around me. My intention isn't to copy from them but to think how good or how bad their actions are. Sure this standard is according to my own.

From my observation, I notice that there are a lot of things that are unable to explain by my limited knowledge. Maybe there is no need for us to assign an answer to each situation.

Our Habit

Do you have a habit? How long do you keep it as your habit?

We need a pattern to live, therefore our pattern form as a habit. On the other hand, we need a change to enlighten our lives.

So when you notice there is a change, it may be a good sign that we have found our new insight. It also applies to your friends. Next time when you notice they change a little bit, you may say congratulation to them.






Saturday, May 29, 2004

To Run 2,600 Meters

Do you think it is possible to run 2,600 meters in 12 minutes? I think it is achievable. However you need to have regular practice to attain this goal.

My colleague told me that he was only able to run for 4 minutes. This guy likes football but there was a long time he didn't play the game.

Actually I wasn't surprise of his saying. To run 2,600 meters, we need to take care of our breath pattern. We not only need a good physical condition but also we need to notice the mental one as well.

From this incident, I learn the importance of preparation in order for us to make a thing done. This includes our mental thought.
We all want a great life. However, it seems that people have lost the direction in their living. Reason? I am not an appropriate person to answer this as I am still finding my way in my life.

This book may help us to know our steps. Or better to say, we need to enjoy every moment in our lives, especially the present moment.

Friday, May 28, 2004

The Joy of Sharing

I love reading and I like to share my thought about reading too. It is so good to share what I have read. Also I like to know how others think about a book.

It is the joy of sharing. Sharing may make us closer.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Do you feel dull with your life?

It seems is a good book. Again it is an expensive book.

I love the concept to think "out of the box". Our thinking may be looked weird at the beginning. However as if there is no such thought, how the invention or new things can be appeared.

We need a child heart. But all of the adults already forgot where their hearts are. And we all are feeling so tired in dealing with day to day dull work.

Comment on My Blog

Today I receive another comment on my blog. It tells me the importance of a proper headline.

My friend said sometimes he found my writing was confusing as there was no focus in the passage. He told me that as if there was a subject, then he might know what the content would be.

As he is one of my regular readers, therefore I need to take his advise seriously. Improvement? Sure you can see it.

Simple Life

Simple life is to live in a way as simple as you can.

However we tend to attach to something or someone. Like we want to make a huge amount of money or to depend on your parents or boyfriend to make a decision.

If you are care free, I sure you can enjoy the peaceful of a simple life.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

"Immature love says: I love you because I need you.
Mature love says: I need you because I love you." by Erich Fromm.

Which one would you count yourself as, the former or the later one?
“鼓勵” 在英語中是“encourage”,意思是“灌進勇氣”。這兩句話﹐是來自這本書的





My friend commented that I tend to write a bit long sentence. It may affect the effectiveness of understanding.

I will bear it in mind and aim to improve it.


"Always conduct a quick internal check before speaking. Does the remark you are about to make or the answer you are about to give benefit your business and other people? If not, keep silent. Silence is often stronger than words."

Above is sent by my friend. I believe he copied it from some net

In more occasions, I notice such advise as well, including living with your friends and family. I am not going to doubt about the effectiveness of keeping silent. However if all people are tend to keep silent, then who will talk.

Sometimes we talk for our pressure releasing or aim to share our
happiness to each other. Everyone needs a person who is willing and
able to listen.

Ops...I got it. I think it is not wise for me to comment others' saying. Keep Silent!

You Care?

Upon reviewing the process map provided by a consultant, I found that most of the people around are very selfish. I better to say, they are very short-sighted. They only focus on their own task but are not willing to consider the person whom perform the following tasks.

I am still lucky that I work with some people (though not enough) whom with this good attitude - to care of others before taking the actions or making the decision.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Today I tried to get a definite YES or NO answer from a consultant. Result? You sure can guess it. I couldn't get it right away.

After that I tried to re-phase my sentence and wish to get a YES or No. I was not success again. Finally I asked directly that I needed a YES or NO answer.

I wonder why people are so unwilling to give an answer. What's the concern do they have? Maybe I need to think of this question not in a rational way. Then I may able to answer this question by myself.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Today I receive a file from my boss, in which it tells us the rules in life. After showing the 20 rules, then there was a message telling us not to keep the file but to forward to others. Then you life will be brighten.

I am not doubt about the rules but the way to brighten our lives. Just a few seconds reading and then pass the file to others can really work! I really wonder.

Why the writer not to remind the reader to keep the file and take it out always to refresh what we have learnt!

As if a person just simply forward the file and discard it, I wish him/her good luck and it is what I can do for him/her.
Do you believe a life-long relationship? I have doubt about it.

Reason is not that I not trust it but it is too early for me to say "I believe".

Yesterday I received a message from my friend who lives in US. He didn't sent me message for awhile as his computer was down. When I asked him whether he had forgotten about me and he replied that he would remember me always.

I am not sure whether he will really remember me always but just a simple saying can let me happy for awhile.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

"The less you talk, the more you're listened to." by Abigail Van Buren.

I agree that we learn while we are listening. When we talk, we only try to convince others to agree with us. While we are listening, our knowledge will have a chance to increase.

At this moment, we think we are right. However in the next moment, are we sure we won't be wrong? Don't be too self-confident, otherwise we may lose many good chances to improve ourselves.
"A man should never be ashamed to admit he has been in the wrong, which is but saying, in other words, that he is wiser today than he was yesterday." by Alexander Pope.

Do you have such brave? Actually we feel good when we admit that we are wrong. The most concern person of our wrong doing is just ourselves, not others.

"Knowledge without Action is useless. Action without Knowledge is foolishness." by Sai Baba.

Very agree with the statement. There was a real example in my work life. I saw a colleague who was a very responsible person. However her work was not that good. Although she had the total confidence but she was not knowing that action without knowledge is foolishness.

As if I don't have such knowledge, I won't pretend that I know but to admit that I don't know. The fastest that we can admit we don't know, the fastest that we can get the solution from others whom they know.
Found this from "What Women Want Men to Know":
"We mean what we say, and if we ask you for something, it's not a frivolous request - it's because it's very important to us. And this is because YOU are very important to us."

When time passes, we feel our importance to you may diminish. We know from you that you don't have any changes but we just feel that you spend less time and less caution to us. Can we say that you take us for granted?

Saturday, May 22, 2004





"Whether you think that you can or that you can't, you are usually right." by Henry Ford.

If it is true, then why we need to persuade others to do something that others say they can't or vice versa.

As if we can let others to be themselves, then we can have more peace. However if there is no persuasion, do we still have so many inventions or improvement?

Sometimes we are too lazy to act on our own. We need somebody to push us.

As to determine whether the above statement is correct or not, all should depend on the situation. Or what we want to achieve from our action. Everyone is different.
A strong feeling that I need to have a change. However I am not sure what's the change should be. Or I just need a refresh, to learn new things or to meet new people. Maybe to have a hair cut can do which is I don't know.

Today weather is not hot, therefore it is good for me to play tennis. Or to have a good game can release my curious in knowing the change that I need to have.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

"Let no-one ever come to you without leaving better and happier" by Mother Teresa.

I know I can't do this but only read this also can feel better. To give a warm smile to others, also can make ourselves feeling better. However we are just too unwilling to do so.

We always aim to get something back for all of our actions. We may always hear people saying that the world isn't fair. Does fair mean so much to us?

If you think it is unfair, you already lost the time to enjoy the happiness. Why not we let ourselves to spend every moment in a better and happier sense?




My color of today is light green.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

To Be Happy

Today I am reading the "Calm for Life", there mentioned that we need to think of the motive for a consequence/goal. The definition of motivation in the book is "motivation is the "Why?" in life."

I try to think what is the motive of my anger in work. What can I get from my anger? Through the process, I sure know that my anger is of no value. Now the question comes: Why did I need to be angry?

I want to be calm. I can feel happy if I am calm. So happy is my motivation to be calm. Ok! I get it now. I need to be happy in my work in order for me to achieve the peace of mind.
Again it is come from Paul Wilson. "Sometimes suspend logic and your
need for proof."

I think I really need to print the above out and paste it in my diary as to remind myself not to be too logical in every aspect.

Like what my friend has told me, to say it in an indirect way is
sometimes a fun of communication. Sure there is a logic way for
everything but the question is: Do we need to know all the fact?

Rainbow is beautiful is because there are seven colors. Each color is
interrelated to each other. It is impossible for us to ask why the color sequence is liked that, red comes first, follow the orange and the last one is purple. Just take the time to enjoy the beautiful scene when you have the chance.
Am I reacting too fast? Do I need to react fast? The answer is Yes or

Sometimes when you are unable to respond instantly, in contrast, others may act faster than you. On the other hand, when you react too fast, others may not be able to understand their situation. As a result, they won't provide the support that you need to complete your task, although the task is beneficial to all.

Our ego always want us to be the first one and the one who deserves for the merit. Will you act fast or wait for others to action?
Below is copied from "Calm for Life" by Paul Wilson.

"Expect nothing, accept everything." It is really an art of living. Is it easy to do so? I don't think so.

When we are unhappy or feeling stressful and frustrated, it is because we are expecting something and don't want to accept what we are having now.

Like me, I have more than enough clothing. However when I want to buy a new dress and I can't find one that I like with reasonable price, I won't be calm. It is not a feeling of unhappy or something liked that. But just the want of buying a new dress will rest in my mind for a moment. I may not able to concentrate on other things.

Did you experienced the same? Think that you did.




Tuesday, May 18, 2004


A guy says: You are so all the way up there. I feel that my advises to you are just not good enough.

He is not the first one telling me about this. I know I am independent but I never admit myself as that kind of person. Actually I want to be weak but I know when time comes, I won't allow myself to be weak.

It is a bit funny when we try to look into ourselves. We set a lot of CANs and CAN'Ts inside ourselves.

Monday, May 17, 2004




I requested my friend to give comment on my English. He told me it would be fine as I would do the editing over the times.

It is a very useful advise. When I read the passage and find the sentence is not smooth enough, then it is time for me to do the fine tuning.

Through the process, I may learn how to have a better presentation. It may help on my daily communication as well.
Apart from trust, worrying about what will happen is the second worst in this world.

We fear to live in a situation that we don't know about our future. This future is not talking about 3 years or 5 years but few months afterwards.

It is one of the reasons why we need psychological treatment in these years. This type of course is very popular nowadays.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Chatted with my friend who lives in London, he said that it was only a job after I told him I was not happy in my work.

What's a simple but useful remark! It is just a job and it is no need for me to be too serious.




Someone asks: What's the quality of love?

A guy will say: I treat my girlfriend good while I am with her.

A girl will say: My boyfriend should think of me by all times. He needs to be besides me when I am not happy. He needs to take away my tears while I am crying.

To me, the quality of love is that you know how to cherish the one that gives you love.

可能我是希望別人, 能夠給我一點在英文上的提點﹔又可能在那個星期裡﹐我說英文的時候比說中文的還要多。





Saturday, May 15, 2004

Someone will say: Don't believe the words from a guy.

I will say: I tend to trust him. As if there is no trust, then sure there is no love.

Love makes you trust somebody. In return, trust strengthens love. When you trust him, you feel he is close to you. When you starts to query what he has told you, the distance is there.

Do I believe my trust? Seem that I am querying towards my trust instead of other things.
It is so funny. When you know someone may not appear in a day, you won't expect he/she may come. You can then concentrate on your work.

However when you know there is a possibility that someone may appear, then you wait for him/her. Sure you can do your work but you may not able to have 100% concentration.










Friday, May 14, 2004

Feeling so good after read the extract of this book. The most important to me is that we can change our suspicious to trust.
This book tells you how to say I love you in 10,000 ways. I think the best one is simply to say "I love you!".


Thursday, May 13, 2004

If you need to make decision in a day, you can consider to wear yellow.

Today I wear yellow, therefore I have enough power to make instant judgment.
I find that I very enjoy the process in root cause finding.

Actually it is a process of reasoning. In the process, we try to build up module, then try to prove it. After several self accept and reject processes, then the real root cause may be found.

Through the accept and reject processes, we finally can reach a stage that we accept what we have suggested or totally reject it.

What I like most in the process is that we can be brave to reject what we have said. It is not the type that we tend to forget what we have said but we can admit the wrong assumption.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

What's life? Please see the extract of this book.

I may have interest to know more about the meaning of life. While you do things that are following your heart, people see you as abnormal.

Question: Who has the right to make such judgment?
I think: The person should be myself.
How to be happy? It can be easy as well as difficult. Please read this to see whether you agree it or not.
Someone will say: To forget a person is difficult.

I will say: It is not easy to forget a person but when you aren't miss that person, then one day you sure can forget him/her, without your intentionally effort.
The most problematic case is not you don't know anything but only you know a part of the process and you think you know the whole.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The worst in this world is without trust.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Want to write but don't have mood today!

Sunday, May 9, 2004












Saturday, May 8, 2004

- 守規則是自然的事
- 會給身邊的人無形的壓力
- 是行動中心的類型
- 如果別人批評我﹐我會仔細的檢討自己
- 注重細節和效率
If you are a guy and want to know what a romantic gift is, please read here.
Here's a website that I highly recommend. The writer is called Andrew Matthews, who is one of my favorites.
This is a book that may make you think.
Try to surf this website. There contains books from Paul Wilson who tells you how to be calm.



理性 = 合情理




Friday, May 7, 2004


Some interesting statistics from this website.

Thursday, May 6, 2004






Wednesday, May 5, 2004

請看看這篇文章﹐看你已經做了幾種。我肯定的﹐我正在做第19 點的事。
“該點一根煙,還是泡一杯咖啡?或者根本來點酒?在等待的時候省略號I do not know way. 等你的時候,想做的事都是我平常不做的。因為我知道平常搞不定我此刻的思念。”




Tuesday, May 4, 2004




別人傷害了你﹐而你用另外的方法令那些傷害你的人﹐受了傷。 這個過程﹐可能真的會沒完沒了。表面上﹐看似得到了我想得到的東西。事實呢﹖我是不會感到開心的。

Monday, May 3, 2004







Sunday, May 2, 2004




Today I find something that is interesting. Again it is come from a book calling What Women Want Men to Know.

Reacto Man has a rigid way of approaching challenges or problems, and thus always seems to be on the defensive, ready to protect himself from what he sees as danger. The problem is that there's no way a woman can talk to Reacto Man without being accused of looking like a basket case.

Even if we start out feeling clam and centered, after a few mintues of talking to Reacto Man, we're defending ourselves:

"Stop bringing up something that happened four years ago! You're not being fair!"

Talking to Reacto Man is a verbal trap from which you can't escape uninjured.

At least I now know why there is always no effective discussion with my boss, although the boss is a SHE.







Saturday, May 1, 2004

I found a good explanation about one of my colleagues' behavior. He is indeed a slippery man. What I mentioned below is come from a book calling What Women Want Men to Know.

Slippery man is a guy that avoids discussing things. So women will act liked this: We bug them to talk to us; we chase them around to try to get closure on decisions we need to make; we keep bringing up unfinished business over and over again until we sound like a broken record. The more we try to pin them down, guys, the more pressured they feel, and the more slippery they become!




在"What Women Want Men to Know" 一書裡﹐發現以下可以讓我們想想的內容﹕
女人說﹕Let's talk!
男人會認為﹕What's the problem?
相反﹐如果女人說﹕Let's make love!
男人會否說﹕Why, do you want to make a baby?





正在看“What Women Want Men to Know”﹐在看書的當兒﹐發現了自己的一個轉變。這本書﹐大概是在兩年前買的。看了不到百分之三十﹐已經被我鎖在抽屜裡面﹐因為我在看這本書的時候﹐覺得很迷惘。迷惘的原因是我在書裡面﹐找不到自己。可能在當時﹐我是借助書中的內容﹐去尋找自己﹐從而來肯定自己。